LED In-Road Warning Systems

Bid Specifications
  • Airport Flashing Crosswalk Lights
  • LaneLight Amber Flashing Crosswalk Light
  • LaneLight LED in road lane Delineation system
  • Langford Flashing Crosswalk Warning System
  • StopBar Red Light Enhancement
  • Low Profile LaneLight amber in road flashing crosswalk light
  • RRFB Flashing Crosswalk Warning System

Lighted crosswalk

The Most Trusted Name in LED Road Warning Systems

Since 2003 ITEM Ltd. has been saving lives with LaneLight in-road warning lights (IRWL) designed to target the tunnel vision of distracted drivers.  Get in touch with us today for a free estimate on how you can dramatically increase the visibility of your crosswalks, stop bars, and road lines on HOV lanes, curves, bridges, and tunnels.

Crosswalks & Stop Bars

Crosswalks & Stop Bars

Lanes, Curves, & Ramps

In Road Illuminated Lanes, Curves, & Ramps

Custom Traffic Solutions

Custom In-Road Lighting Solutions

BlueMAC Traffic Detection

Bluetooth - BlueMAC

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