LED In-Road Warning Systems

Bid Specifications
  • LaneLight Amber Flashing Crosswalk Light
  • Airport Flashing Crosswalk Lights
  • Wrong Way Warning lights
  • Left Turn Lane Visibility Systems
  • LaneLight LED in road lane Delineation system
  • Langford Flashing Crosswalk Warning System
  • StopBar Red Light Enhancement
  • Low Profile LaneLight amber in road flashing crosswalk light
  • RRFB Flashing Crosswalk Warning System

Lighted crosswalk

The Most Trusted Name in LED Road Warning Systems

Since 2000 ITEM Ltd. has been saving lives with LaneLight in-road warning light (IRWL) systems.  Our stainless steel LaneLights are built tough, ship with a 5 Year Warranty, and are engineered for a 10 to 15 year service life.  Get in touch with us today for a free estimate on how you can dramatically increase the visibility of your crosswalks, turn lanes, wrong way warning systems, and road lines on HOV lanes, curves, bridges, and tunnels.  Nothing compares to a LaneLight warning system in the eyes of a distracted driver.

Crosswalks & Stop Bars

Crosswalks & Stop Bars

Lanes, Curves, & Ramps

In Road Illuminated Lanes, Curves, & Ramps

Custom Traffic Solutions

Custom In-Road Lighting Solutions

BlueMAC Traffic Detection

Bluetooth - BlueMAC

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